The Canadian passage (or Canadian barrier), is used for a very long time to dissuade the animals to cross(exceed) a limit, a fence(close) inside a surrounding wall(speaker) or to prevent them from penetrating on a site which would be forbidden them.
Particularly adapted today to the animals of breeding: bovid, porcine, equine, the Canadian passages or Canadian barriers also suit in certain sorts(species) of wild animals as cervids, the wild boars, gazelles and other lions, ostriches and gnus.
The Canadian passages answer more and more the éxigences of the professionals of the breeding, the public works, wildlife parks and hunting, slaughterhouses and cattle markets to allow the free crossing of vehicles.
A complete range exists, made to measure:
The traditional Canadian passage
The Canadian passage fixes galvanized under heat
The mobile Canadian passage
The crosswalk, the MOUNTAIN BIKE
As for all products, we assure(insure) good-safe(-sure), a quality pose(installation) for this range, do not hesitate to consult us or to ask us for an estimate.