Reverdo ® is a metallic channel of a profile up to 12 meters without weld, it is specially designed to divert and channel the water towards ditches(gaps) or appropriate exits(releases).

Chosen as solution against the erosion, Reverdo ® improves and regulates waters of surface on every type(chap) of ground: forest tracks(runways), of hikes(rides), mountain or tarred roads.


Thanks to his(its) conception(design), he(it) is more and more used in the urban space layout: he(it) intégre in playing fields, fitness trails, parks and public gardens...


Reverdo ® adapts itself to every types(chaps) of ground and possesses numerous assets(trump cards). He(it) is:
- Rot-proof
- Resisting the passages of vehicles heavy as tractors or grumiers
- Simple of interview(maintenance)
- Implemented without any contribution of outer(foreign) materials
- Made without weld up to 12 meters shelf space
- With his(her,its) railings(bars), adapted to every types(chaps) of users: walkers, animals, convey 2 wheels, 4x4, quads, people with reduced mobility.
- Aesthetics for a use landscape painter for example in parks and gardens.



Reverdo ® is made in cold lamination from steel normalized(standardized) by quality S235JR, according to the following standards: Euronorm 10025, EN 10051, dimensional tolerances, EN 10162, tolerance on the shape.


Les options :


- The railings (bars) of safety(security) : railings(bars) facilitate the passage of animals, riders, MOUNTAIN BIKE, walkers.

- The road markingthe road sign is supplied in the demand(request) with or without picket of fixation(binding)

- The piochon : we recommend you to use the piochon Reverdo ® to clean your channels.


Very important: the pose(installation) of channels "according to the rule book" !


The pose(installation) of the channel is fundamental for the efficiency of the product.
Our team of pose(installation) will know how to assure(insure) the smooth running of the channel, respecting rules(rulers) acquired for more than 20 years and which also assure(insure) the safety(security) of the users.
The Reverdo company ® is alone in France to conceive(design), to make and to install(settle) products Reverdo ®. That is why she(it) you guaranteed on one YEAR on the pose(installation).