Specialists of the mountain, the ski slopes and the forests, the Reverdo company ® counts customers throughout France, Switzerland, Czech republic and Slovakia.
Some examples of construction sites(works) in France:

Parks and gardens - Savoy

Customer: city hall of Evian
Customer contact: mister Favrat (person in charge technical services(departments)) 04 50 83 10 91
Place of installation: park of Neuvecelle

Tracks(Runways) and forest paths(ways)
Customer: city hall of Saint Pal de Sénouire ( 43 )
Customer contact: mister Alain Fouillit 04 71 01 41 41
Place of installation: saint Pal de Sénouire


Hiking trails - Jura
Customer: association of local authorities
Customer contact: Bernard
Place of installation:


Paths(Ways) of high mountain pasture - Savoy Swiss Haute-Savoie
Customer: begun(undertaken) Jardival-Chatel
Customer contact: Fredy Rubin 06 88 18 77 63

Place of installation: Montagne Le Lingat. Tracks and paths of "sous le bord", "Tenné", Ramines Barbossine", "col du Saix", "Gros Nant - La Corne", "Luessert" and "Mouet".