Ruissodo® is a NEW PRODUCT!


Conceived(Designed) on the same principle as the Reverdo ®, this metallic ditch(gap) is also ecological. He(it) settles(arises) without addition of outside materials(subjects) and becomes integrated perfectly into his(its) environment.

Ruissodo® has the advantage to be light and very handy, while being strong. He(it) does not require particular equipment and assembles in the hand. He(it) adapts itself to the curvatures of the ground.

Solid, this ditch(gap) is perfectly adapted to the constraints of the ski slopes (snow groomer)((tamping machine)). Ruissodo ® is often used to facilitate the recovery(recycling) of waters of surface or some cast iron of snows. He(it) maintains the ground while forwarding run off water.

Thanks to his(her,its) conception(design): its perfectly smooth bottom, Ruissodo ® is self-cleaning.

The shape of Ruissodo ® and its sensible pose(installation) allow to save some snow of culture, while allowing a uniform snow coverage of the ground for an optimal comfort of glide. It is important to note that got back waters are reintroduced in the manufacturing of artificial snow.

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