The principle of the Canadian passage or “Bovistop” is to deter animals

from crossing their enclosure by simulating a void under their paws.

It allows the free crossing of any vehicle while keeping the animals in place.

Two standard models approved SOCOTEC 12 tons /axle are proposed in these sizes:

  • l 3.10 m x L 2.10 m x H 0.40 m
  • l 4.00 m x L 2.10 m x H 0.40 m

Stabilizers: autoclave class IV treated pine

  • 9 tubes with anti-theft cable.
  • 2 removable side railings that avoid sideward jumping

 Hot-dip galvanized assembly

Ready to lay at the bottom of the pit (to backfill the perimeter)

Adapted to the majority of breeding species: cattle, equines, goats, sheep, pigs, deer, suidae …

A gate  is recommended alongside for the essential crossing of animals.

Many advantages

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