With a reminder and automatic locking, the gate is designed to be accessible on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback, by quad, … It opens in both directions closes automatically after crossing 

Dimensions: L 1.40m x H 1.10m

Hot-dip galvanized UNE1461

Simplified and sustainable implementation thanks to the beam,  a REVERDO exclusive!  

  • no more casing to do
  • no more waiting for drying

We have created a ready-to-lay steel reinforced concreteblock, including:

  • a fake chassis already incorporated to accommodate the gate
  • 4 hot-dip galvanized fastening flanges with zinc-plated bolts
  • lifting rings for installation
  • a sheath to pass the electric fence wire is incorporated into the sill.
  • our installation is guaranteed 5 years

Many advantages



  • Expandable from 4 to 5 meters
  • 5 lices diameter 42 mm
  • height 1.10 m
  • level setting with eye rod, two locks with one way system
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • Barrier support post diameter 89 (ht  2 m with a pair of collars support, axes and chains)
  • Lock stop post diameter 89 (ht  2 m with a pair of collars lock stop)

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